Is the treatment safe?


Q-switched lasers have been used worldwide for 20 years and they keep getting better. They are now so advanced they can remove almost all types of tattoo and have virtually zero risk of scarring, and have never been linked to any type of skin disorder or skin cancer.


How are Q -switched Lasers different to other lasers used for tattoo removal?


Our Q-switched laser  produces short, powerful pulses of light which are absorbed only by the ink and not your skin making it very safe. The ink is then broken down into small pieces which your body can naturally disperse‚Ķ


Does it hurt?


It depends on the type of tattoo and the area we are treating. It can feel uncomfortable but no more than getting a tattoo. The pain has been likened to that of an elastic band snapping against the skin.


EMLA cream (available from boots) can be applied 3 hours prior to treatment, this will numb the area.


Will it work?


Black and greyscale tattoos remove very well. Colour tattoos can be much more stubborn and may only fade. Most people with colour tattoos choose to have a couple of sessions of removal and then go to get a cover up.


How many treatments will be required to treat the average tattoo?


Every tattoo is different and the amount of treatments it takes depends on the age the type of ink used and how deeply the ink has been applied. Amateur tattoos will take 1-6 sessions and professional tattoos can take 3-10 sessions to remove. Fading your tattoo for a cover up takes on average 2-4 treatments.


How long does the treatment take?


The patch test will take about 30 minutes. From then on a small tattoo appointment will mean you are in the clinic for about 15 minutes, a larger tattoo could mean up to an hour in the clinic.


Does the laser cause scarring?


A google search will bring up some pictures of scarring caused by tattoo removal, this is because the first lasers used did often cause some scarring or they can sometimes be pictures of treatments done by a back alley tattooist or clinic not following the health and safety regulations or using a cheap laser.


You can rest assured we are very strict on following the regulations and our the laser we use is the most advanced on the market with little or no chance of any type of scarring, plus we will always perform a patch test which will determine if you will have any skin reactions.



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